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You Will Discover:

Finding The Right Candidate 

You'll learn how assess if the candidate is truly a LONG TERM fit. 

What We Do  

You'll learn how to ask the right questions - so you reduce turnover and increase productivity!

Solve the "WIFM"  

You'll learn how to overcome the candidate's "what's in it for me" mentality !

Unlock Your POTENTIAL  

You'll learn our proprietary 13-POINT system that empowers YOU to recruit for virtually any position, in less than 30 days from internal need to candidate offer.


About Our Founder

Klyn Elsbury founded Landmark Makers, from her hospital bed, when she had 38% lung function from complications of Cystic Fibrosis.  

After years of employment in various agencies, she started to realize that traditional methods of recruiting were no longer working for today's candidates.  

With nothing but time and an IV drip to keep her company, she started writing out what is now known as "Proactive Pipeline". (THINK: 30 hours of HOW to RECRUIT based on 387 pages of real-life experience).  

lt's a proprietary system that utilizes creative and innovative recruitment strategies to solve talent problems versus responding to requests.  

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Klyn Elsbury Co-Founder

"Thanks to her, I've been able to save time by recruiting and screening the right applicants and getting them in here quicker than ever. She's a great communicator and her effective skill-set enabled me to jump right in to begin hiring immediately!”

Kaylan Bland, J.D, Human Resources and Payroll Director Frost Hardwood